Biotechnology Health Management Care LLC is a fee-for-service company. Depending on the project, we bill on a block fee or upon billable hours—an initial deposit is required before the onset of a new project. We accept payments by Online and Mobile Payments, Credit Cards, and Checks. Dr. Jones sometimes serves as a fractional Chief Science Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Business developer as needed by the client.

Biotechnology Health Management and Care, LLC, is a name that was inspired by the realization that biotechnology innovations and bioengineering innovations help to sustain and improve health for human, animal, plant and microbial entities that are part of our environment. Great minds that are encouraged to create solutions for some of today’s pressing problems have addressed those problems by designing and developing biological applications that enhance, decrease, or remove health situations that would otherwise go unchallenged. Biotechnology Health Management and Care, LLC functions as an early- stage startup consulting firm to help rising companies gain some direction in crucial decision making early in the entrepreneurial process.


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