The very early stages of the business are the most crucial and daunting. Perhaps we can help you get through the early stages. We are here to help.

Innovative Business Solutions

Our business solutions involves providing some initial feedback and advice on developing new products or improving existing technologies, improving processes, and improving designs.

Expertise and Experience

Our business development is experiential and through the academic classroom setting. Experience in early-stage biotech company formation and product design and construction provides insights to assist in decision-making. Other expertise is in the field of Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Global Reach

We consider global reach to consist of business initiatives that increase the visibility of the company with existing customers and future customers through the internet.

Biotechnology Trends 2023

Trend 1

The 2023 influence of ChatGPT AI chatbox, one of the newest AI platforms, has the potential to play a role in research designs and development in biotechnology and translational medicine development.

Trend 2

In 2023 the retail pharmacy industry more than ever will have companies attempting to lower consumer pricing and will champion safe and affordable medicines.

Trend 3

Companies such as Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart will be making big moves in primary care by investing in or acquiring providers.

Trend 4

There will be a shift in business strategies for big tech and big biopharma. There are looming big biopharma and tech giant layoffs in 2023.

Biotechnology Trends 2022

Trend 1

Financing private and public biotech deals will continue to focus on investors like the prior year (2021). According to Evaluate Pharma, biotechnology companies had a record-setting $24 billion in venture capital (VC) during the first three quarters of 2021, surpassing the nearly $20 billion raised in all of 2020. (Genetic Engineering and News, January 2022)

Trend 2

Talent and staffing will continue to be challenging since there are not enough trained scientific hands to staff many biotech companies. Recruitment and retention are top of mind for everyone in biotech (Geek wire, January 2022)

Trend 3

Artificial intelligence is emerging to fuel many of biotech's advances which can analyze enormous troves of data with accuracy and speed. And while AI's biotech applications focus on cancer breakthroughs and treatments. For example, AI to target cancers has grabbed the attention of investors.

Trend 4

During the last few years, mental health has made its way to the forefront of public consciousness. Two years of isolation from loved ones' jobs and financial stresses have people openly speaking about their anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health issues, which are undeniably a biotechnology health focus for 2022. New advances in technology such as wearables brain imaging and neuro-targeted therapeutics are in high demand during the unspoken health crisis of mental health.

Biotechnology Trends 2021

Trend 1

Research and Development for SARS-CoV-2 Disease Control Methods

Treatment through therapeutic antibodies, therapeutic antivirals, and vaccines (whole virus, RNA or mRNA based, non-replicating viral vector, and protein subunit).

Surveillance through PCR (molecular) tests to detect genetic material of the virus to determine the presence of active infection with SARSCoV-2. Rapid Antigen tests to detect for pieces of proteins that make up the SARSCoV-2 virus to determine the presence of active infection with SARSCoV-2. Serology tests for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in the blood to determine if someone has been infected through a past exposure.

Prevention by wearing a face cover; washing your hands; and keeping a safe distance.

Trend 2

Vaccine Development and Distribution Strategies for Covid-19 and other needed vaccines.

Trend 3

Synthetic biology will continue to expand and develop by the ability to modify genes and use cells as medicines to alter the spread of human diseases. Also, synthetic biology will increasingly explore redesigning organisms to have the ability to impact manufacturing and green biotechnology such as agriculture.

Trend 4

Increased collaboration between academia and industry academic hubs serving as infant companies that can be nurtured and screened for tactical partnership with biotech or pharma companies.

Our Latest Projects

Project 1

Laboratory considerations for sterility verification.

Project 2

Prescription drug app development for understanding the effects of prescription drug medications.

Project 3

Dental app development for improving consumer oral care and awareness.

Project 4

Expansion of New Cancer Drug (Chemical Toolbox) startup company in the United States.

Project 5

Expansion of Maryland based company that specializes in high sensitivity pyrogen screening

Project 6

Monitoring heart rate and pulse more accurately geared to different populations of people

Project 7

Robotic Process Automation Technology Implementation With New And Up And Coming Biotech And Health Organizations 2021

Project 8

Health Clinic Operations Planning 2021

Project 9

Biotechnology Lab Skills Curriculum Development 2021

Project 10

Health Insurance Program Development (Health, Dental, And Pet Coverage) 2021

Project 11

Covid -19 Test Kits and Commercial Facility Sterilization

Project 12

Digital Health Company Start Up for Underserved Communities of Color



Our experience spans from customer discovery, customer acquisition, market analysis, laboratory management, personnel management, organizational design, and organizational leadership theory. Grant writing, project management experience, networking experience, and business strategy are experiences that we can lend to assist in the early stages of your company.

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